Grade 7-8 @ Mrs. A 

7-8 Grade Class Schedules

7th & 8th Grade Schedule (This can change depending on activities we have planned for the morning or afternoon.)

Note: Breakfast is served daily at 7:15 am. Lunch is served at 11 am daily. Snacks -----at the appropriate times!

Monday-Specials Day

7:30 am  Work in Classroom @Mrs.A

8 am-Gym Class @ Ms. Caitlyn

9 am- Art Class @ Ms. Melissa

10 am- Study-vocabulary work/history/ reading/IXL or MobyMax

11:00 am- Lunch & Recess

12:00 pm- Music @ Mrs. Norman

1:00 pm- Study -Vocabulary/Spelling Tests, Research Work, MobyMaxMathFactsFluency, IXL for Language Skills.

2:00 pm- Earned Free Time or Make up Work/ School Community Service jobs

2:30 pm-1st Bus/Recess in the Gym 3:10 pm 2nd Bus.

Tuesday-Friday Schedule

7:30 am Work in classroom with Mrs.A

7:45 am Morning Meeting

8:15 am 8 Algebra/ 7 SocialStudies (History, Civics, Current Events)

9:15 am 7 PreAlgebra / 8Social Studies

10:15 am Recess 

10:30 am MobyMax/Ixl / Health

11:00 am Lunch Recess

12:00 pm ELA @ Mrs. Johnson(Tues/Thursday), Science, Lang. Skills, Vocab @MrsA (Wed/Fri)

2:00 pm Earned Free TImeor Make up Work/School Community Service Jobs

2:30 pm 1st Bus-Bus Duty/ 3:10 pm 2nd Bus

Assignments 7th Grade      Oct. 10-31, 2023

7th/8th Grade Assignments:

7Math-Conversion Factors, review math facts using MobyMax, complex fractions, graphing data

8Math- Powers, Using Formulas with varying values, using logical reasoning to solve problems algebraically.

Science- Based on our recent visit to DEI, choose a marine critter to research based on 12 guiding questions, create a poster to present to another classroom. Know what Zooplankton and Phytoplankton are. Know whether or not your marine critter is a commercially fished marine animal.

Language Skills-work with the following pronouns- we, us, they, them, I, we, she, her, him, he to use these correctly in sentences and to be able to explain any rule that helps in the process.

Reading-to read and interpret The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe by answering questions related to the book, siting where in the text answers are found and to share in class discussions.

Writing-using research, notetaking and rough drafting stories as well as for essays or posters. Understanding how important revision and editing are to the final project. 

Health- to work with current health topics that directly affect students our age (going without lunch to lose weight, sugary drinks and foods and the affects of these in our diet, to understand how we can help each other by simply being kind and helping each other.

Assignments 8th Grade  -Oct. 10-31, 2023

8th graders are expected to do more complex writing tasks as their 7th grade partners.

Assignments are similar with an added layer of expectation. In math, 8th graders are expected to do Algebra and to keep a notebook of daily work. This is corrected together with the teacher, going over any of the work that was challenging, so that a full understanding is attained.

Be on time and be well rested.

Help out in different school service roles (Outdoor sign, trash pickup, classroom board cleaner, locker room cleaner, classroom/desk organizer and to be a volunteer reader/helper of those younger than you.

Respect each other, the staff, yourself, Debbie our bus driver, Paula our cook, school property, guests and speakers/leaders of places we visit together.

Do your best, do not give up, ask if you need help, and enjoy the journey!

READ READ READ! Make reading a daily habit.

Know your times/division tables to 20!

Make every day count and no matter what, do the right thing. It will pay dividends!

Guide Sheets

Guidance on the format and content of reports submitted for this class

Reports must be neatly typed, drafts can be done in pencil.

All written work especially in math is to be done in pencil. 

Please spellcheck before submitting final papers.

Submit all papers/ work on time in 13 font size, 1.2 spacing.

When requested, please notate reference materials used for research.

Poster work should follow examples provided.

Slide shows should follow examples provided and will include your resource list on the last slide.

Presentations should be practiced before hand, and should follow examples your teacher(s) shares with you. Be proud of your work and present yourself to your audience as if you are.

Reference materials to help my students: